Our Story

Everything started on a sunny winter morning at Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea on O'ahu's North Shore.

While watching some of the worlds best surfers surfing Pipeline, Eddie and I met an european entrepeneur who had an amazing beach style and an inspiring attidude of balance and happiness.

One of the interests of this gentleman were watches, custom designed watches. High End Swiss luxurious watches, individualized and made especially for this particular client.

We were fascinated and inspired by his timeless style, his attidude and his taste for watches. So we started directly to create and work on our own collection in which we connect our love for the ocean life, for surfing and beach lifestyle with our passion for watches. This was the beginning of the Aloha Watch Company.

Our Design

Our goal is creating your perfect watch, an accessory to underline your personality and your great style.

Using high quality materials, laborious printing methods and the art of design to bring these precious timepieces to life we are convinced to offer you the perfect watch. Premium quality, innovative design, basic functions and reliable technique.

The Watch

With an AWC watch you will get the best value for your money.

The 40mm stainless steel case (316L) with the rotating bezel is a stunning piece of artwork. The mix between polished and brushed surfaces gives it an amazing look.

The sapphire christal is scratch resistant and makes sure that your watch won't loose its brilliance.

With the screw in crown the watch is water resistant up to 10ATM and this makes it your perfect saily use companion.

The bezel inlay is made of special hardened glass to give your watch the magic touch. The uniqueness you deserve.

Which movement we use is depending to the experience we make regarding the quality. We have chosen the Miyota quarz movement because it is the most reliable movement we worked with so far. Our goal is to have satisfied customers, so every decision we make is based on this purpose. Nothing else counts at AWC.

The Strap

The straps we use at AWC are not usual straps.

Every strap we make especially for each model. Always trying to find the perfect combination to support your style.

The straps are called "NATO Straps", they have a long history and were always a stylish and substainable alternative to steel or leather straps.

Nato straps you can find a lot, but please notice the quality differences which you can see and feel instantly. At AWC we use the high quality material. Our straps are 1.4-1.5mm thick, the buckles and keepers are made of stainless steel.

Made of seat belt material they fit perfect, are smooth and comfortable to wear, look great and stylish on your arm. Make the watch your perfect watch. An AWC you can wear on any occasion, at a gala, a business meeting or at your favourite beach club. Good vibes only.

The Dial

Did you ever ask yourself why most of the watch dials are using only few colors? It is because the dial printing can be a very complicate and difficult process. Every color which we add to the basic dial color is a seperate printing process. This increases the cost and it demands a passion for detail and perfection.

If you take our rainbow dial as an example:

We use black as a basic color, and add an other unbelievable 6 colors. This means in total we have 7 printing steps to make the dial. 7 times we need to wait until the dial is dry to continue the process. If you compare this to other dials you know, you will easily understand what kind of masterpiece we have made for you with every dial.

But there is more to our dials, a little secret, not every watch has it, but some. We just give you a clue: It is there the whole time, but you only see it in the dark.