Nazaré - a small world with a monster raging on the coast

You can hear the thunder of the Nazaré cannon shortly before sunrise in the village - when the wind from the west presses on the mainland, you hear it particularly loud. Then the noise pushes past the huge rock formation, through the narrow alleys, through the cracks in the window frames into the beds of around 15,000 residents.

The natural features in front of Nazaré are unique in the world. An underwater ditch 230 kilometers long and up to five kilometers deep ends directly under the town's lighthouse. This is half as long, but more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

After violent storms on the high seas, it channels the energy of the water and so, especially in the winter months, spits out the largest waves in the world directly in front of Nazaré.

Then the sea, which appears black in winter, rears up into waves with a height of over 20 meters.

Very few surfers can conquer these big waves. We captured this impressive natural spectacle with our model Nazaré. The deep black monster with white foam threatens to devour you, but you can defeat it.

Get the monster of the Portuguese coast on your wrist. The anthracite dial with black accents, the deep black 40 mm case made of 100% coated stainless steel and the matt black premium nato strap with a thickness of 1.5 mm show you the darkness of the ocean depths. It is not for nothing that Nazaré is called the widowmaker.