Our Idea of being sustainable

There are some things you need to have, you can not avoid them, but what we can do is: give them a purpose.

"Reduce waste by finding ways to give equipment a new purpose of use."

Eddie & The Duke, AWC

Our Gift Box

Instead of using a one plastic, wood or paper gift box, which most of the times is used for decoration only or goes directly to the waste, at AWC you receive your watch in a waterproof dry bag with an extra inside bag where your watch is protected even during transportation.

This way of packaging gives you the advantage to use this bag whenever you need. Heading to the beach? It keeps your edc's like phone, wallet or keys protected from water and sand. Even if you want to swim or snorkel a bit you can carry it with you in the water.

This is our way of acting to be sustainable.

Our Manual

Most of the time you receive a lot of paperwork, small booklets, brochures with your watch when you buy. High quality printing products to show you what a great watch or product you just bought.

We followed our idea of being sustainable and so you receive no paperwork at all with your AWC watch. We use a glasses cleaning cloth with the most important information on it as instructions, manual and guarantee certificate.

We hope when you notice all this you will feel and know that:

"You just bought the coolest watch on the planet."