Eddie & The Duke

or as we call them: Eddie & The Duke

are living a life in privacy. Just a few people know them, but whoever met those two guys was enlightened by their charme, humor and inspiration.

Many people may know them under their Alter Ego:

The International Men of Mystery.

Ok, now seriously: These two are really nice guys and the picture was taken the day they had the idea for the AWC :) .


Creative Mind behind the Brand

Can create and build a complete world just with his thoughts but still trying to find out how to make a picture of himself and look smart on it.


Heart of Hawaii


Creating Happiness

Loves to create contents and to share joy, beautiful products and big visions with the world.





He loves being at the beach, but no one ever saw him touching the ocean. He likes digging and playing in the sand, and he loves watching the ocean. But never go in it. :)


A little princess, you never saw a dog fast like this on the beach. Water is not her favorite element, but it is getting closer every day. She loves running in the ocean breeze.


Likes adventures and is always prepared. If a dog could go diving, Scooby would be the one. Running, jumping and playing in the water is where he feels best. The ocean is his happy place.